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The Mirror (The Story)

I know we all love mirrors especially ladies. Windows, polished silverware, dressing mirrors and so on allow you to catch a good glimpse of yourself. Your lovely make-up, your nice hair, your outfit and more are all checked out well in mirrors. I introduce you all to Akua. She was a young girl child who lived with her  parents. She admired them so much and she  was the only child, indeed she  was pampered.

               A young little girl I was, I was very bright at school and always topped my class. Any time, it was time for school, mum used to dropped me off but before that she stands in front of the mirror for her little made-up not too much. With time, I adapted a good act from her which was also standing in front of the mirror but with me as I gaze at my reflection and my eyes are drawn to my future. The dreams of been a pilot always stares back at me as I smile at my reflection.

             The eagerness and wiliness to go to school was so much to talk of. At a tender age of just nine years, my dad passed on. I felt so disappointed with everything. My mum used to console me but I was still in deep grief. I knew my education had collapsed right in my face. On my way to school after some weeks of morning my dead dad I stood in front of this same mirror I was wanting to be a pilot some time ago and now it was disappearing into thin air. My mum tried all in her power to keep me in my school but we needed the money to survive on. I was moved to a public school instead but that didn’t discourage me. I still studied very hard.

             Years went by and I passed B.E.C.E with flying colours. A week before I was about going to High school, my mum was very sick and was admitted at the hospital. She was in coma and I used every little bit of money in her account which she shares her code with me to pay her hospital bills to keep oxygen and life support on.

              I started to do door to door cleaning services and I had no time for school. I struggled to keep my mum alive. As time went by, doctors demanded for huge sum of money. I went to my mum’s boss for a loan but he insisted I get in bed with him before. I was reluctant at first but I gave in when I realized my mum didn’t have very much time. He handed me the money after my first terrible sex experience. He was disgusting and I wept on my way but I did it for my mum’s sake, only for me to get to the hospital and the shocking news of my life broke to me. My mum is dead and they couldn’t save her. Everything I went through to save her was to no avail.

                Months later, my mum was buried without funeral rites because I couldn’t afford the expenses involved. Life was unfair to me when I later found out I was pregnant. I got pregnant from unprotected sex with my mum’s boss. I told him about my pregnancy but he paid deaf ears. Now, when I stand in front of the mirror I used to see a bright future, I now see nothing but poor pregnant teenage girl who has no dreams. I questioned my reflection in the mirror. “Why me!” And so many other questions baffling in my head.   

           I persisted in seeing that good for nothing man who impregnated me for upkeep for his unborn child. He was an influential person so he got me arrested for no reason. I was innocent but I was accused by him and jailed for four years. God!!! Have Mercy on a poor soul like me as I shouted as I was dragged behind bars. I safely delivered twins which were girls in prison. I named them Isabel and Isabella after my late mum who was Isabella too. My kids were taken to the orphanage after sometime. I befriended the sister in charge and pleaded with her to never give my kids out till I’m done serving my sentence.

               Years gradually passed by with jail been hell for me, I got into a fight and I got hurt badly. I was rushed to the hospital and at that point I just wanted to die but now I had to stay alive and strong for my kids. I was discharged from the hospital and was punished by prison officers for my bad act. I was separated from the others till I was done serving my sentence.

           The day I was freed, the first thing I intended to do was to run to see my girls at the orphanage but I was astonished to be released, only to walk out of prison to see my kids running towards me and shouting mummy. I smiled heavily with excitement. They were five years now and so beautiful. I got mixed feelings to only hear my girls saying daddy brought us. Hell no! I was burning. Daddy what? In total shock and disbelief. “Yes Akua” a manly voice spoke from behind, I turned and it was no other than my mum’s boss, the father of my kids who never wanted them. He came alongside the sister in charge I gave my kids to. He fell to his knees and broke into tears and begged for my forgiveness. It wasn’t easy but I knew my God never forsakes me. I offered a small prayer and help him up with a forgiving hug to him. I held no grudges against him but he still promised to make it up to me.

             He sent me to meet his lovely young wife just about my age then eighteen but I asked and it turns out she was twenty-seven. Wow! She was nice. We exchanged handshakes and she  told me what lovely kids I had and confided in me that she had a problem of bearing kids on her own. I was sad for her but happy because she adored my girls. I stayed in with them under the same roof but I was treated more than a queen there. His wife was generous but he sent me to the university shortly. I was surprised he wanted to further my education, I asked him and he simply said it was the least he could do for all the pain and suffering he caused me.

        I was sent to high school, I felt university life as well  and completed successfully with good grades. He helped me with my masters and catered for our kids. I had a scholarship eventually to study outside the country. I came out a few years later as a pilot. The dream I always wanted. I stood in the mirror after so many years of cries to finally smiled and not forgotten checking out my figure as well. I’m a lady. My ass, boobs and hips were huge thou with a pretty face alongside big brains. I had so much flashbacks now in the mirror. My eyes flutter open, caught with no differences between dreams and reality because there were the same now. I was so happy as I dragged myself across the room. Took a shower, wasted long hours on my makeup as my face brighten up when my guy called. As I picked up the caller, I simply said ” dear parents I couldn’t make you enjoy the riches of life from me but I hope you are proud wherever you both are”.

         My guy and I got married. He was sinking rich as well owning about nineteen big companies world wide and me personally been a rich pilot too. I was young thou then. I was twenty-six. My wedding was spectacular. My kid’s dad and I shared custody of the girls. He loved them with his wife as well. I couldn’t thank them enough for such a turn in my life. God indeed makes a way where there is no way.

              In present, I’m thirty-eight years old with four kids with my husband in addition to my twins, I have six in general. I’m still soaring higher in my career. That is the story of Akua. In short, life is full of ups and downs but through determination, Hard work and perseverance you will get there. Patience is the key and never exclude God.




Time in bed with me

We are in a world where the word “sex” is so open to even kids. People are not shy of such act anymore. I know in the olden days they just used to punish young men and ladies to wait till marriage before tasting this sweet thing”sex”. You must admit it is nice right? Anyway, that was the olden days, now we are in the modern world and everything is just completely different. Ladies are so concern with Satisfying their boyfriends in bed they turn out to forget about “the wait till marriage thing “. No one can blame us much because it is superb.

           Now we have something even known as sex positions! Wow! So shocking when young ladies and guys list positions like corkscrew style which is near the edge of the bed and rest on the hip and press thigh together and your partner enters from behind, we also have face off style that is if the lady sits on the guy’s lapse to rid him instead, doggy style too which is you get on all four and your partner kneel behind you and enter just like a dog. No wonder it is called that. A lot others like wheel barrow style, leap frog, straight style and so many others modern people list out.

              With all these styles makes your partner want you more. Another exclusive thing is that guys love sex and if as a lady you give them sweet sex, I bet he will never cheat on you. Time in bed should be nice. Imagine your guy comes home to see you and enjoy sweet sex, he will always be glued to you. Question that most ladies ask is ” what can I do to make sex enjoyable especially for my man? Say less ladies, you are welcome to the best place.

              First tip ladies, never get dull and boring in bed. Be active and use your mouth by kissing him, caressing him and giving him blow-job. Give your man it and don’t let him beg you for blow-job. Give it to him willing and he will always love your sex skills. Seduce him from time to time. Excite him and surprise him if you haven’t done these before. He will really enjoy you.

               Again, encourage him in bed whiles in sex action with you. Don’t stay mute. Please moan romantically. Make him know you are enjoying him making love to you. Compliment him and let him be aware he’s good in what he’s doing. Compliments like “I love it baby”, also sounds like “oohs” and “aahs”. Make him do a good job on you in bed with these. After or before sex you can massage his testicles. You must be very careful or else it might hurt him. You can use lubricant to massage it for extra pleasure too. Also, you can handle his dick with care, don’t over do it, just lick the tip of it slightly. You will leave him speechless and so satisfied with you.

            Moreover, don’t turn your lights off during sex. No! Make sure lights are on. I know ladies worry too much. Shy of maybe her scar body, her fallen boobs and so on. Some also are not ready yet for sex and they feel embarrassed. They think after a guy sees these, he will stop been attracted to them. You are getting it all wrongs. Be confident in your body and after all it’s your body. Love your body and your man will too. It is advisable to be naked during sex too.

            Furthermore, dress up sexy. Never underestimate the power of see-through clothes and sexy nighties to make your man crave for your taste. Anything you feel sexy in, put it on. Try an adhesive bra which is a little smaller than your boobs and pushes it up to keep your guy mouth watering alongside a cheeky pant which should not cover all the ass and go with the colour red or wine for both. Your man won’t be able to resist your mere sight. Try it.

             To end, at times guys get tired of always been in the bedroom. Try new places of sex. Be crazy for him. You can try the car seats, the kitchen, the hall and so on. Change place sometime around so he knows you actually mean business. Don’t forget to change styles. Try new ones for him and enjoyable ones. Control him well in bed. Your time in bed will be spectacular.

           Ladies take time to explore what’s rightfully yours which is your man, before someone else grabs him. Let him feel you and want you always.



Things we do for love 

Take a good look at yourself , God created you and made you who you are now . If you think you are nobody, then you are deceiving yourself . We are all special in our own way , that is why we fight for things we love . I know we always hear this ” love conquers all ” , without a blink of an eye , I totally agree with no doubt .If you should love someone you must do anything to make the person happy . Either it is by your side or not . At times too , we over do a lot of things for the sake of love .

            Ladies and gentlemen , what are you willing to do just for the sake of love ? Will you give your all or give a portion ? Do you also know that due to love , crazy and ridiculous things are done ? Just imagine what others can do . Have you thought of killing yourself for love? At times I’m just amazed when I watch television and hear about things people do for love . Nevertheless, these stories are very true and there is no gainsaying .

            People do things like taking risks , which I’m referring to both . Whether dangerous or not . Most lovers are willing to go the extreme to prove their love for each other . Mostly , they don’t put themselves first but rather their lover first .A clear example is of myself . My boyfriend and I worked at the same company . He was fired due to injustice on his side . I quit the job as well just to offer support to my lover . Again , a scenario where a man transplanted his last kidney to his wife to survive and he died instead . These all happen due to love . Others might see it as ridiculous and some might also see such ,as romantic but in all , it is for the sake of love .

               Love is really strong , others change their location or destination because of love . They just can’t handle been away from their lover and missing them like crazy , so they prefer changing location to be closer or moving in with their lover . They don’t want to be apart from their partner . Some , go the extreme by disobeying the will of their parents and getting disowned for the sake of love . Others even leave big business opportunities just to get closer to their lover . I know,  it’s crazy right ? It’s all for love .

            Others also go with getting expensive things for their their lovers . Love can make partners in the relationship  get costly things like diamond rings , jewelries, cars , build mansion and so many things  . Just name it,  with the little money  they might  have . They don’t care , it’s for love . I know , giving out gifts is one way to express how much you  love someone but some over do it . It is for love so they get themselves spoilt with presents .

               Funny enough, others send nudes thus naked pictures and videos , just to prove their love as well . I don’t know if this is love to others or insanity to others but in all,  please get a room . Gosh ! Naked yourselves . Nudes are not advisable but I won’t blame anyone much . It is what others also do for love .

              Again , others neglect their friends . To me , this is so uncool but others see friends as distractions so they ignore them for their lovers . To me , I think you can balance the two .

            Some go as far as rushing into marriage . Note that , been married to someone doesn’t assure you with the person your entire life . I just don’t understand some people when they get caught up in the little love and romance they feel they are compatible enough to tie the knot. To say marriage vows ,you must be sure because it is for better or for worst . Others ,after three weeks of getting to know each other they get married . Wow ! Surprising right . That’s love for you .

            What else can people do for love ? Been in love is a magical feeling but you must use your head as well . I know there are a lot of things people do for the sake of love but my advise is  that no matter how inlove you are to do ridiculous things , there are some you should never think of doing . For instance, changing your personality. Your personality is who you are . I know at times it is very difficult , if you don’t share the same hobbies with your partner , opinions , interests, style of dressing and a lot . Don’t change all of those to make peace with your lover or make the person love you. Your partner must learn to accept you for who you are . It is all part of the love you share .

           Again , your appearance . Most people change their body because of their partners . It is not right . Your body is fine just the way it is . It is not your duty to create your image . If you want  a change in your  appearance to stay healthy or something , you should be comfortable with it . Don’t do it because your partner told you to do so . If you ain’t comfortable please stop . If your partner doesn’t love what you are comfortable with, they don’t deserve you .

             These and so much others, but in conclusion ,these are a few I wanted to share . Just remember and keep in mind that , you can do crazy things for love but remain true to yourself and be who you are .


 Flirting on the path of ladies

   To ladies, flirting is their best way of expressing how they feel , if they are into you and shy to confess it right away . For instance, touching the guy’s hands slowly while you are talking , constantly twisting and flipping their hair makes them flirt as well . In our world of today , if there’s a thing most ladies do best, then , it is flirting . Simply the way ladies flirt is a new hobby now . You might be wondering why I’m saying so , it is a hobby because it takes constant practice . Wow ! Things ladies can do .

              With all jokes aside , with the flirting game , you must simply be confident. Show you are interested in them . Draw so much attention to your lips . Smile and don’t forget to say hi when you pass by them . At times , guys do not get to know what flirting is , from a lady . Guys don’t worry too much, your problems of not noticing flirting are solved here .

             If someone should get into your personal space , it is considered as flirting . Again , if you receive touchy gestures that make you uncomfortable , that is also flirting. Everything she’s doing is flirting .

             A lady also flirt by body language. How she moves around you . Also , how she blushes by comments you give her . Moreover, ladies are talkative when flirting . I remember when I used to flirt on my guy . It was just nice . How I used to laugh at his everyday jokes and everything was just perfect.

             Before I forget , flirting on your ex guy is also very okay , if only you still want him back . The goal of flirting with your ex guy is to build attraction between you two again . It only depends if your ex wants you back too . Many a time , ex boyfriends tries to flirt as well . It is not a bad thing thou. I’m sure he might still be into you . Perhaps , maybe he thinks you can forgive him and start over again . If it persist and you don’t like him flirting with you , simply tell him to stop .

             It baffles my understanding when ladies still  want to talk to their ex guys or keep in touch. Most experts agree, you should not reach out to your ex guys unless you hope on getting him back . I know most ladies reach out for their ex guys due to the fact that , they might still have feelings for them , seeking company , or maybe you just want to check up on them . It is mostly a bad idea . Get over him and move on .

             Questions most ladies ask themselves . Does my ex guy miss me or not ? I will just say , it depends on the kind of guy . Some, may miss you , if their life is not getting better . Some too , may miss you , if they no longer have the support , they used to get from you on daily basis. In all, whether they miss you or not , don’t think about them or that .

             A break up with no contact , usually lasts two weeks to get over him . Some exceeds due to constantly thinking of the person or not having anyone else in their lives .

         In all , my best flirts I roll with is, I give out a nicky to my guy , I tease him just a bit , I ask him questions like crazy , I always compliment his looks . I tell him how handsome he is but I don’t over do it , I text him as well . That’s mine. Ladies, you can try it too .

         I’m honored I got to highlight all these factors . At times , most ladies get confused especially when it comes to their exes . I hope at least , I was of a little benefit to you . Happiness is free . Life is short to spend it in miseries .



Honesty in a relationship

   Honesty is one of the key factors in a relationship . Without honesty , a relationship can never stand on its toes . Bringing up a healthy relationship , there must be a strong foundation ,which is love , trust or honesty and faithfulness . With these basics, honesty is my main focus . Honesty is telling the truth as you know it. However, please being honest doesn’t make you rude , unkind or aggressive .

          Honesty is the key to a healthy and strong relationship . It allows us to live in the reality with our love one . No lies, just free minded . Been honest,  gives you so much advantages with your partner . It makes your partner secured by your side . Even if you may wrong at times, you will always be very honest with them. This will help the relationship grow . There are ups and downs in every relationship , but in all , been honest let you both hold on to each other.

            We humans, mostly have this notion in our minds that fellow humans ain’t to be trusted. I agree that humans are not to be trusted thou but to build a strong relationship, get rid of that notion.

         Just know yourself and know your intentions for each other. Nobody just gets up over night and start trusting a stranger . So, to be honest with your partner , you must get to know each other better. Be interested in every business of your partner. It will also help make you develop trust for the person .

              Also, be very sincere as well, to bring honesty . Be opened and never hide a thing , even nonsense must be told to each other .

            Again, I want to clear up any confusion. Please , love is totally different from trusting them . The question is, can you love someone but not trust them ? Of course yes , you can be honest and would never hurt them but you are not in love with the person. Such happens too but note ! You can never truly love someone without trust . Any relationship that isn’t built with a solid foundation of trust, will definitely break .

               Analyse yourself, how many times have you become witness to relationships which collapsed because of lies and deception ? Have you experience such before ? How did it feel like ? We have all heard of stories of people who suffered from betrayals and dishonesty . Yes , often they develop distrust for anyone . Don’t let one person turn you into a liar . What if someone lied to you ? Yes , the person did and so what ! It is in the past now . Move on and forget the person.

             The truth is bitter, difficult to say and hard to swallow but say the truth whatever be the cost , the truth will set you free. Only the truth and nothing but it. So be honest. It gives you God’s blessings as well . Stay strong in your relationship .


Some tips about life

As I grow up, I look around and realize that most of my friends are very happy and a few are not but coping . I went through so much in life, so life taught me to accept that I can’t plan every aspect of my life.

              I know a lot because I tried a lot in life , where I never belonged but I forced myself in. I rushed by bombarding things on myself. I went to the junior high , a school against my parents will but I still went on . I pursed a course that I had no knowledge about it in senior high . My parents slowly passed on and it was just terrifying . I cried my head out when I returned from school on mid break , only for the news to be broke to me. I stayed in shock but with time I recovered . I went back to school and I had to support myself. I worked part time and sorted myself out in university. I offered medicine where I struggled so much. I got dismissal so many times for poor grades but I still fought higher. In all my story I rushed in life. I wanted everything perfect but why rush ? Hardwork and motivation aren’t the only thing you need to proceed in life. Yes I know some are money. Money is another but you need alot. After all my experiences I learnt that my first step is to find something you are passionate about , you must go for it .

            Again, treat everyday like an opportunity to learn something new. Never miss an opportunity to find something new.

          Moreover , take time in life. Know yourself, know when to work , study or take a break. Do your best . Refuel , regroup and for the love of God , don’t take your health for granted.

             Also , be dedicated . Whether it be your work or time with relatives and friends , focus your attention on the task at hand. It’s pretty easy to tell if you don’t give your all, and when you don’t, people won’t support you.

           Let us encourage that habit of celebrating our success. I know most people might think you are arrogant. That, should not be the case, there is a clear difference between arrogance and taking credit when you really deserve it. People who might recognize your efforts are a few. So, if you done something worth celebrating or notable, there’s no shame in owning up to it .

               To end, let me leave you with some words of wisdom from Rev. Run ” Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life “. I know there are a lot of things that are easier said than done. I never got the chance to try these. I’m now trying . Join me, let’s try together. I’m doing myself a disservice if I don’t . Please do too.


The power of a woman 

Women are the strong hold of most countries and without them there wouldn’t be an existence. Women go through hard labour to give birth to us all . Women should be valued by men but instead ,some men treat women like trash . Their mentality is that women should be cooking , cleaning and doing housechores, but this should not be the case , even with  this, that they still hardly valued them in the society. I don’t blame such men that much because a woman’s purpose used to be the gatherer , crafter , raiser of children as opposed to the hunter in man . Now , such circumstances must change .

            Everyone has a male and feminine qualities within them . So to ask what is a ” woman’s purpose” is contradictory to itself. It is the same purpose as a man’s purpose . The question should be what is mankind’s purpose . God created us all as equals and bought us to this earth to serve Him only, not for a woman to be turned to a slave of a man . No! That shouldn’t be the case .

          A woman’s purpose is the same as a man’s , to pursue an education , get decent jobs is what we all wished for . Why then can’t be partners ! We should be partners just as God created Eve to be Adam’s companion. The same applies here. Women must be the backbone of men not the vice versa . The purpose of a woman in a man’s life is to be a pillar of support for him. Love him , care for him, work together with him to be happy , nature their little ones together and a whole lot. Women are mentally stronger than men , so they give out good advices as well .

           That is why there is a saying that behind every successful man there is a strong woman is very true. Women help men to become strong in the world , to provide for the family, correct their wrongs. In short, women are desires and men are simply motivated by the desires and put it into action.

              A woman’s assignment and purpose is whatever she wants it to be, unless maybe the society born into, restrained her. I’m a proud woman and I know we have a lot to accomplish.

         I hereby, know with no doubt that all men will see beyond women been maids and other inferior things but rather put us above all. Some men should please stop been impulsive on women because you are a man. Start showering women with love and what we truly deserve.



Have you ever been stranded just because you didn’t get a date to an event ? Have you ever been teased  by friends just because you don’t have a date ? Have you ever been rejected by a lady or avoided by a guy before ? I know right ? Total embarrassment. At times, the pressure is too much when all your friends have dates to go places and you don’t . Very tough thou. It may seem very tough but pretty easy when you know the right path to follow.

       Dates simply means a social or romantic appointment or engagement with someone. Most often we all get dates for so many reasons. Some get date so that friends may stop teasing , others get dates because she needs a car or presents , others also get it for true love , others get it because he or she feels lonely and needs someone to talk to and a lot more reasons . What is your reason for having a date ? Whatsoever reasons you may have going out on a date can make you very nervous and shy too. It is very normal, it happens a lot especially if you go on a first date with this your new guy or lady. You feel like you have to be just perfect. Yes but also very romantic .

         I quiet remember when I went out on a date with my new guy , I was so nervous but the sad thing is I waited for him for a whole hour only for him to come along with friends . I felt humiliated and disgrace , so I got angry and left . Please guys, one thing you should note. Going out on a date is supposed to be just the two of you. Friends must not be added or any one else because it just makes things awkward between you two and an uncomfortable moment too .

          At times too people have the edge to make love on the first date but think is too early. I say if a person loves you and you should make love on first or second or last it doesn’t matter much . The truth is sleeping with someone on the first date is not a bad thing . There is no pressure thou so if you feel you are ready please go for it. If you feel you are not ready please don’t be pressured to as well. There is more time after a first date too.

        Moreover , dress well on your date and be very presentable too. Don’t forget your manners by drinking too much. Carry yourself well and your partner will be very pleased.

          Again, never neglect your date to chat on phone with someone . With that , you pay less attention to your date which is very bad. You can end up messing everything up . One thing too, ladies love attention , so the more the attention , the more you gain her affection too . Both of you should be also very interested in each other’s matters . Talk about anything and laugh as well . It is a sign of a good start. If you both have gone  on several dates then mark the next one romantic . For instance , a romantic gesture for your lady after the date . A hotel with flowers everywhere and some too go as far as asking for marriage. That is also very romantic if both of you have  gone on several dates and everything and you know you are ready to say the vows , don’t hesitate. Go for your happiness .

          A date must be fun . Forget about business and everything. Just talk about yourselves and keep each other company. Enjoy your moment and put your worries away . Be yourself and have lots of fun possible .

          Also, it is at times important to kiss on a first date . Shocking right ? Yes but it is important but the kiss should be a slight peck not a full thing . Also , you should not  kiss on a first date if you met on an app which maybe a dating site or something. If you already know each other it is totally fine. The kiss must be after the date not the beginning or middle. Also , you should know if the person will like the kiss or not else that can also spoil things .

            Imagine been on a first date and the  guy makes advances on you the lady and you don’t like it . Just stand up and give him a slap, because that shouldn’t be done especially if you don’t want it . In simple, do your best thou but don’t forget that if the both of you don’t work out there will always be  a right person somewhere waiting patiently for you .



 Dazzle your guy like crazy

Guys in general are very unpredictable and at times we ladies don’t expect most things from them but it just happens. At times we are so into guys, that they end up taking us for granted. Some guys cheat, others don’t treat you well, dishonesty, lack of proper communication, no time for us and a whole lot of other things they do to ladies to make their lives a living hell. To me, I know that some guys leave because we ladies don’t satisfy them well. Not just in terms of in bed but a lot that exceeds that. We must make them happy to stay by our sides.

            The satisfying I’m referring to, is simply everything. I know what most might be thinking and yes ! Satisfying him in bed is part but the edge to want you must be done first. Having sex shouldn’t be just the reason to keep your guy else if care is not taken, the guy will see you as just a sex machine or toy and we don’t want that too right ? Other things ought to be done as well. Guys are really impressed with the little ladies do, most don’t show it because they refused to be seen soft.

          To make your guy want you more , surprise him. You can do this by getting him things. Examples, watches, clothes, sneakers, men’s slipper, bracelet, necklace and so on. Also, you can go for a walk together to explore new sites and have a romantic time and that is a best date too . I have experienced it amazingly.

            Most ladies if not all, like to be taken out for lunch and things by guys. It is nice thou but to impressed your guy, the trend can change. Once a while take charge. Ask him out on a date. Pay the bills even if he insists. You can also set up a romantic dinner in your home for your guy. The guy will be very happy. He might not show it but he loves it and with this, your guy will feel so appreciated with you.

            Again, support him in most of his decisions he takes. Make sure is a good one. After a tired some day try to give him a massage and help him relax well. Note ! Don’t always say yes to him if you are not in support. He will see you strong and tough, he won’t dream of ever letting you go.

          Moreover, don’t forget to drive him crazy with romantic staffs. You can try by touching the back of his head. Men love there. Do it slowly , the slower the better. You can also add touching below his belly button. His belly button is very sensitive. Touch the spot with your tongue. It will make him feel so amazing.

           Further it up with kissing his chest and going down. He will be excited I tell you and so in the mood to make unforgettable love to you. Ladies, change your styles and make him horny before sex and he will want you by his side always. However, you can also play with his tongue and kiss his lower lips as well. Don’t forget to concentrate on the ear as well. Don’t just start licking it , you can start with a touch on his ear and play with them. Guys just love that.

           There are so many on and on ways to drive him crazy to let him wanting more and craving for you but the few I have mentioned will help as well.

             Ladies , one secret about guys . If a guy feel protected and secured with you by his side, at times he likes to put his head on your laps or shoulders. This simply express that he is safe with you and values you.

        Ladies love to receive complements from guys but you should do same to guys too. Dazzle him with flirting, talk dirty to him , tease him too , use eye contact to seduce him, leave him craving more of you.

         Ladies , let’s show our guys we are romantic and adhere to what I said. The ball is your court, defend it well to score. I know you will thank me later but it’s okay! You are welcome.


Virginity; the pride to most ladies.

 Ladies virginity is mostly a pride to them and loosing it, is not easy at all. As humans we have stages in life and no matter how you are, there will be a transition. There will be a time where that virginity will be broken. I know some ladies are like ” I won’t have sex till marriage” funny to others right ? Most often such end up even breaking it earlier than they expect. At times, being naive may cause a girl to break her virginity. It allows the person to regret later when she’s matured.

            Sex should be enjoyed and agreed on. You should have sex with no regrets. Rape cases are different but with that, you can become a secondary virgin. Research have shown that not having sex for a long period of time after the ones you have had before assures you a secondary virgin, the time period can be seven years and beyond. Virgins worry less and be free minded.

           Are you feeling nervous about sex because it’s your first time? It’s okay, I’m here for you and I bet you that it is completely normal. Everyone once felt that way. Permit me to tell you a secret that may be giving you fear. Sex is simply sex and there is no right or wrong way to have sex. Many at times you watch movies and get a picture of how you will like your lovemaking to be. Close friends, elder sisters, cousins and others might have told you so much about sex to the point that at times, the eagerness is just too much to handle. There are so many different reactions you could have, both emotional and physical, to having sex for the first time. These are very normal. It is advisable to use protection and be sure of it.

        As you mature, you will for sure be ready for sex. I know the notion kept in most of your heads is first sex hurts, so most are scared to have it but worry less. It is just okay, let me enlighten you on certain tips you may need to feel better. I know how you are wondering if your body will change or not, whether it will hurt extremely or a little.

            In times of first sex, your body will not display signs that show you had sex for first time. The only way someone will know is if you tell the person. Research has also proven that while having sex, you might breathe heavily and sweat, and your skin could become flushed. These changes are caused by physical nature of sex. Virgins, don’t pay attention to this if it should happen on your first sex. During first sex, your vulva may also get swollen due to blood flow which is also normal. After sex, it will come back to normal.

                 Again, not every virgin must bleed on her first sex. The hymen allows that, if you bleed it’s fine and if not it’s also fine. Some girls hymen are torn before their first sex, maybe during exercise and other activities. If you should bleed it is supposed to be a few drop which some lasts a day , two and at most three days depending on the hymen you have. First sex without blood is very common.

               Further more, the question “will it hurt much or not”. If you pay attention to your body, there probably won’t be any pain at all but it might be a little discomfort because the experience is new to you. Ease yourself and try to enjoy it. Did you know that some guys also bleed on their first sex? Shocking ? They do but it is not like ladies. It is because of the tight foreskin which may end up bleeding and it’s a little red on the penis not anything big like girls. If you are a guy and you feel pain on your first sex, please you are sick, see a doctor. Due to pain and hurt with ladies at times on their first sex, your walking might change a little. You might feel slightly tend and pain on your inner thigh which may cause changing in walking for a short period.

            With most ladies, virginity been their pride they are very reluctant in breaking it early. Research has stated that if you loss your virginity above twenty two you are more likely to report sexual problems especially with guys. Sixteen – seventeen, a normative age to lose one’s virginity. Late sex is really difficult for your body to get used to. We all know it is very difficult to teach an old dog new tricks.

            Parents, at times put this mentality in their daughters minds saying “if you have sex I will know”, just to scare them from doing so. It is a lie! There is nothing as virginity testing. We are in a modern era now. Your parent can go to a doctor and say ” so, doctor, can you check if my daughter is a virgin or not? No! They cannot. There is no text to determine that, virgins come down some fears. For most reasons again, pregnancy is very high when it comes to first sex under no protection. Most often, guys pull out before ejaculation and they think that’s all. No! It is very dangerous because it can render a guy impotent and also pregnancy can still occur. Some experts say there is pre-ejaculation and this happens even before the guy pull out. There is at times enough sperms to still make you pregnant. Try to use contraceptives on your first sex because there are a lot of risks involved.

            If a guy just rubs too, it can also cause pregnancy because the sperms can get on the outside of the vagina and swim inside. So please beware. Orgasm might not happen on your first sex if you are too nervous. Since, I know most aren’t ready for kids yet, don’t forget to use birth controls.

          Virgins, it isn’t easy because you might feel is too much but trust me. Follow what I said and I bet you will never stop praising me. It is your life it’s your choice.


A few tips to help on first sex

If you are having sex for the first time, you may feel anxious because you are about to go into a new change in your life. There might be anxiety but look no further, it is right here to deal with it.

              Find the right partner, studies have shown that you are more likely to have both psychological and physical satisfaction when you have sex with someone you are in a steady relationship with who you trust. Trusting someone makes you feel so much at ease with them. Being with someone you trust can help you feel safer or more in control of the situation.

                 Also, a place you are comfortable with can really help as well. Cozy place is just the best. If you want to have sex but feel anxious about it, you might consider doing it in a place you are refreshed at. When you are in an unfamiliar or uncomfortable place, it makes your mind race. For instance, some have first sex in a rush and anywhere for the sake of someone seeing them and been scared. This can just make it hard to focus on what’s going on, and make it difficult to fully enjoy what’s happening.

               Again, starting with a little romance. Anxiety about first time you have sex is pretty common. However, romancing may help reduce your anxious feelings. It involves a lot of kissing and touching, which can go a long way to help you calm down and feel your own body as well as your partner. Enjoy yourselves.

            Sex here, sex there, sex everywhere but you must go slow. She’s a virgin for goodness sake! Relax and don’t rush. If you find yourself rushing you might mess up. Let things move slowly and happen natural. Some people race to achieve orgasm. No ! Taking your time is the best and enjoy the ride. It will make sex more relaxed and enjoyable experience. You should all note that not everyone’s first sex turns out awesome. However, that doesn’t mean that sex will always be bad. Any number of things can contribute to a less than amazing experience. Never fail to try again later when you are feeling more comfortable. The best time to have sex is when you are sure you want it, not when your partner wants you to.

             Another question most wonder is “does my butt get bigger with sex? There has been no scientific prove but logics say so. A clear example is me personally. I for one, regardless of everything explaining it or not, believe that sex does make a woman’s butt bigger. Although I also think what you have sex in, is a big thing to contribute to this. My guy and I mostly do doggy style or he hitting it from the back. I seriously noticed my butt getting increasingly larger, and I have observed after an extended period of time having sex, with in the day, my butt will be sore slightly with small pains. My close friends often ask if he’s the one making my ass fat. I couldn’t disagree because it is true. I don’t do any workout or medications. It is just my guy making my ass big.

           First sex, no pressure.


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