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The power of a woman

 Women are the strong hold of most countries and without them there wouldn’t be an existence. Women go through hard labour to give birth to us all . Women should be valued by men but instead ,some men treat women like trash . Their mentality is that women should be cooking , cleaning and doing housechores, but this should not be the case , even with  this, that they still hardly valued them in the society. I don’t blame such men that much because a woman’s purpose used to be the gatherer , crafter , raiser of children as opposed to the hunter in man . Now , such circumstances must change .

            Everyone has a male and feminine qualities within them . So to ask what is a ” woman’s purpose” is contradictory to itself. It is the same purpose as a man’s purpose . The question should be what is mankind’s purpose . God created us all as equals and bought us to this earth to serve Him only, not for a woman to be turned to a slave of a man . No! That shouldn’t be the case .

          A woman’s purpose is the same as a man’s , to pursue an education , get decent jobs is what we all wished for . Why then can’t be partners ! We should be partners just as God created Eve to be Adam’s companion. The same applies here. Women must be the backbone of men not the vice versa . The purpose of a woman in a man’s life is to be a pillar of support for him. Love him , care for him, work together with him to be happy , nature their little ones together and a whole lot. Women are mentally stronger than men , so they give out good advices as well .

           That is why there is a saying that behind every successful man there is a strong woman is very true. Women help men to become strong in the world , to provide for the family, correct their wrongs. In short, women are desires and men are simply motivated by the desires and put it into action.

              A woman’s assignment and purpose is whatever she wants it to be, unless maybe the society born into, restrained her. I’m a proud woman and I know we have a lot to accomplish.

         I hereby, know with no doubt that all men will see beyond women been maids and other inferior things but rather put us above all. Some men should please stop been impulsive on women because you are a man. Start showering women with love and what we truly deserve.


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