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Things we do for love

Things we do for love

Take a good look at yourself , God created you and made you who you are now . If you think you are nobody, then you are deceiving yourself . We are all special in our own way , that is why we fight for things we love . I know we always hear this ” love conquers all ” , without a blink of an eye , I totally agree with no doubt .If you should love someone you must do anything to make the person happy . Either it is by your side or not . At times too , we over do a lot of things for the sake of love .

            Ladies and gentlemen , what are you willing to do just for the sake of love ? Will you give your all or give a portion ? Do you also know that due to love , crazy and ridiculous things are done ? Just imagine what others can do . Have you thought of killing yourself for love? At times I’m just amazed when I watch television and hear about things people do for love . Nevertheless, these stories are very true and there is no gainsaying .

            People do things like taking risks , which I’m referring to both . Whether dangerous or not . Most lovers are willing to go the extreme to prove their love for each other . Mostly , they don’t put themselves first but rather their lover first .A clear example is of myself . My boyfriend and I worked at the same company . He was fired due to injustice on his side . I quit the job as well just to offer support to my lover . Again , a scenario where a man transplanted his last kidney to his wife to survive and he died instead . These all happen due to love . Others might see it as ridiculous and some might also see such ,as romantic but in all , it is for the sake of love .

               Love is really strong , others change their location or destination because of love . They just can’t handle been away from their lover and missing them like crazy , so they prefer changing location to be closer or moving in with their lover . They don’t want to be apart from their partner . Some , go the extreme by disobeying the will of their parents and getting disowned for the sake of love . Others even leave big business opportunities just to get closer to their lover . I know,  it’s crazy right ? It’s all for love .

            Others also go with getting expensive things for their their lovers . Love can make partners in the relationship  get costly things like diamond rings , jewelries, cars , build mansion and so many things  . Just name it,  with the little money  they might  have . They don’t care , it’s for love . I know , giving out gifts is one way to express how much you  love someone but some over do it . It is for love so they get themselves spoilt with presents .

               Funny enough, others send nudes thus naked pictures and videos , just to prove their love as well . I don’t know if this is love to others or insanity to others but in all,  please get a room . Gosh ! Naked yourselves . Nudes are not advisable but I won’t blame anyone much . It is what others also do for love .

              Again , others neglect their friends . To me , this is so uncool but others see friends as distractions so they ignore them for their lovers . To me , I think you can balance the two .

            Some go as far as rushing into marriage . Note that , been married to someone doesn’t assure you with the person your entire life . I just don’t understand some people when they get caught up in the little love and romance they feel they are compatible enough to tie the knot. To say marriage vows ,you must be sure because it is for better or for worst . Others ,after three weeks of getting to know each other they get married . Wow ! Surprising right . That’s love for you .

            What else can people do for love ? Been in love is a magical feeling but you must use your head as well . I know there are a lot of things people do for the sake of love but my advise is  that no matter how inlove you are to do ridiculous things , there are some you should never think of doing . For instance, changing your personality. Your personality is who you are . I know at times it is very difficult , if you don’t share the same hobbies with your partner , opinions , interests, style of dressing and a lot . Don’t change all of those to make peace with your lover or make the person love you. Your partner must learn to accept you for who you are . It is all part of the love you share .

           Again , your appearance . Most people change their body because of their partners . It is not right . Your body is fine just the way it is . It is not your duty to create your image . If you want  a change in your  appearance to stay healthy or something , you should be comfortable with it . Don’t do it because your partner told you to do so . If you ain’t comfortable please stop . If your partner doesn’t love what you are comfortable with, they don’t deserve you .

             These and so much others, but in conclusion ,these are a few I wanted to share . Just remember and keep in mind that , you can do crazy things for love but remain true to yourself and be who you are .

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